Saturday, April 08, 2006

Top Five Songs of the Week!

Before we head off to Detroit Rock City to see Pas/Cal and Asobi Seksu at the Magic Stick, we thought we'd leave you with our favorite songs of this past week:

5. [Mp3] The Slack Republic - Sweet Dreams Interesting take on this classic 80's track
4. [Mp3] Exit Clov - M.K. Ultra Girls with just the right amount of rock in them
3. [Mp3] The Essex Green - Don't Know Why (you stay) Nice energy, great driving song
2. [Mp3] Bravo Silva - I Can't Say Goodbye Jangly, infectious, and pretty
1. [Mp3] Oppenheimer - Breakfast in NYC So damn catchy!

Bonus: Check out the fun video below for Oppenheimer's Breakfast in NYC:

1 comment:

Liz said...

Ah! they were right up the street from me last night and i didn't go see them. i swear, kel, i need you guys here to find and go to shows with me! check the chicago shows and let me know when you want to come crash here for a weekend. hope you enjoyed the show ;)