Monday, April 03, 2006

Coincidence or Genius?

Donnie Darko is one of our favorite movies. When we first started dating it was one of the things we quickly realized we had in common besides our love of Idlewild. If you have yet to visit the Donnie Darko website you should. It makes you think just like the way the movie does and is a great way to kill time while at work. Speaking of killing time at work, this afternoon I was viewing the Torture Garden, which is an excellent Irish music blog and found this awesome list: 88 reasons to watch Donnie Darko again. It really makes you wonder whether Donnie Darko's director, Richard Kelly, is a genius or whether it's all just a creepy coincidence. Regardless, I think the list will give you a reason to watch this great movie all over again. . .or for the very first time.

(mp3) The Church - Under The Milky Way (acoustic version)

(mp3) The Church - Under The Milky Way

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christine said...

i've been away far, far too long and have missed your all's outrageously snazzy muzak! donnie darko HOLLLLERRRRRR!

(aaah, the few negatives of spring break.)