Saturday, April 01, 2006


Today I am super excited for two main reasons, the first one being The CAVS have already qualified for the playoffs for the first time in nearly 1o years and they are taking on the Miami Heat today @ 2pm EST. The second reason for my excitement is tommorow night THE TRIBE starts off their season against THE HATED DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPION WHITESOX @ 8:05pm on ESPN2. This game will mark the opening of the 2006 season for major league baseball and should be a great matchup. I have been waiting months for the season to start again. I know alot of you are worried about the indians pitching and I too am concerned but you just have to believe if we hit the way we can and the bullpen can hold it's own it is going to work out. We have too much talent to not make the playoffs again.

On a day like this being rather dreary but pretty much par for this time of year, I was trying to find something to listen to while I wrote this post and then settled on one of my favorite covers.

(mp3) Galaxie 500 - Ceremony (Joy Division cover)

(mp3) Joy Division - Ceremony

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Mycardo said...

I love Galaxie 500 but hardly ever hear them around... Thanks for reminding me of this great cover!