Thursday, April 20, 2006

going deaf from morningwood

Last night we attended The Sounds/Morningwood/Action Action show. We missed Action, Action because we took our good time getting to the show @ the HOB. Down the street The Cavs were playing their last home game of the season. The Cavs won the game which marked their 50th victory of the season. The victory came @ the expense of the hapless Atlanta Hawks as Larry Hughes and Lebron James enjoyed the game from bench. But come Saturday they will be both be in the lineup @ 3pm est as they take on the Washington Wizards this marks the first cavs postseason game in 8 years, so congrats to them.

As far as the show, Morningwood were quite memorable.They were loud,and fun and far from boring. They had a short tight set and both of us were amused/amazed by the on stage antics of the lead singer. The only complaint we had was the screaming by Chantal the lead singer of morningwood she has some pipes but she has the ability to render you deaf. The headliner The Sounds did not disapoint they were right on point and very energetic. They were able to enduce kelly into dancing like a whirling dervish which was a sight to behold. It caused me to smile and I don't do that very often. The show overall was a nice way to break up the monotony of the work week.

here is some morningwood to make you smile!!

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