Tuesday, April 18, 2006

shows on the horizon

Last Friday, The 303's had their record release party. You may recall that we had a post about them a few weeks back. Now the band is giving you the opportunity to win a signed copy of their debut album "Lines of Parallel Minds" check out this exclusive interview for more details on the contest. In other 303's news, they are going to be doing a 2-week tour in the midwest, south and east coast throughout May/June (check out the dates here). They are going go be coming to c-town on June 3rd, where the venue is TBA.

In other local show news, the new wavers Blazer have been added to the Film School / Islands show @ the Grog Shop on May 17th. This should be a really great showing considering the diversity of the bands in the lineup. I never had the opportunity to see the The Unicorns (RIP) so I am looking foward to seeing The Islands instead. I have been hearing nothing but great things about them and their record "Return to the Sea." And I am especially excited to see Film School because I was soo disapointed when their show fell thru back in March. Their newest record (S/T) is one of my favorite records the year and I am sure it will end up on many others best of 2006 lists.

(mp3) The Islands - Abominable Snow (mixed) ( not on the album)

(mp3) Film School - Like You Know ( a fav from the new album)

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Trish said...

The Unicorns show I went to was so, so much fun. We met the guys afterwards and they were really nice. I'm hella interested in seeing what they do now that half of them are in Islands...