Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Walkmen, take III

Last night we were in attendance at The Beachland Ballroom to see The Walkmen as well as Philly's own Mazarin and Rockwell. We cannot neglect to mention Rockwell's memorable and somewhat disturbing performance -- it can't even be put into words how bizarre it was, but we will just say that his set involved a bullwhip, an ipod, and a whole lot of personality (um, yeah). For some great pictures and the skinny on the show go here to get goodhodgkin's recap or for irockcleveland's perspective go here.

As for us, it was our 3rd time seeing The Walkmen and feel it was definitely the most solid they have sounded thus far. Their new material sounds exceptional live, especially Louisiana, where the trumpet solo sounded just as good as it does on the record. During their set, Jose had a huge epiphany that Hamilton Leithauser's vocals are eerily similar to those of Mr. Rod Stewart -- much more so than Bob Dylan's, where he has gained several comparisons. Lastly, as far as memories of The Walkmen's past performances, we will not soon forget last summer's at Lollapalooza and the vision of Hamilton rocking the shades and white khaki's (pictured above) like the bad ass indie/prep rocker that he is.

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