Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fig Vodka?

Yesterday Erin, Kelly and I went to a sushi dinner @ Paws. It was a pretty good deal $25 for all the sushi and sake you can consume. After the meal had concluded they were passing out samples of feig ling a German fig flavored vodka now being imported here in the states. It went down very smooth and I could see how one could get sloppy in a short time from too much of it.

The website on the cap of bottle was not working but I did find many sites where you can buy it as well as this site giving a review of it. It goes for about $16-20 for 750 ml's depending upon where you purchase it from. This is not ordinarily my cup of tea, but I think this stuff is great. So try it if you get the chance.


Brad said...

Sounds like a good deal. I've driven past there before, but never knew it was worth checking it. Is that $25 deal good all the time or just on certain days?

Liz said...

ah! i love feig ling!!! first found it in germany on a high school trip - delightful yet hard to find the states. here's to hoping it has a hey day in the US- along with my beloved Galliano ;)