Monday, May 01, 2006

Nouvelle Vague @ Irving Plaza

Upon my trip to NYC a week ago, I was very excited to learn that Nouvelle Vague had booked a show for one of the evenings of my stay -- especially since I somehow knew they weren't stopping in Cleveland anytime soon. . .

Although I had fairly high expectations, I must say that this French band really blew me away -- they had excellent stage presence and sounded even better than on their album. Not to mention, they played nearly every song they've recorded (granted, that is only like 14 songs, but still!) and a few "new" songs (Nouvelle Vague II Tracklist).

Some highlights included their renditions of Love Will Tear Us Apart (of course), Dancing With Myself, and Too Drunk To F*ck. A definite bonus was the fact that Irving Plaza was celebrating Earth Day, handing out all kinds of randomly great free gifts (ie - basil seeds, arty shoulder bags, condoms, etc).

The crowd for the show was great (lots 'o Euros), but for the sake of being polite, I only took the two pics above

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