Saturday, May 27, 2006

Top Five Songs of the Week!

Warm weather has returned to Cleveland this weekend, which is why this post is being done so late. We have been sitting by the pool all day soaking up the rays and sipping on margaritas.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

5. (mp3) Victor Scott - Want U Need You - this Brit is making waves in the UK, check out his glitch pop

4. (mp3) Sono Oto - Norman Rockwell - twinkling lo-fi electronics backed by touching vocal harmonies from Brooklyn by way of Cbus

3. (mp3) Brown Bird - Monkey or Engineer - Kelly related to this, see Sean @ said the gramaphone for a full explanation

2. (mp3) Explosions in The Sky - Your Hand in Mine - from the demos from the score for the film Friday Night Lights

1. (mp3) Phantom Planet - Our House - check out their great take on this classic CSN&Y track

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