Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Assembly Now!!

If you have not checked out the up and coming London foursome Assembly Now before you should. I would best describe their sound as British indie-pop. Their ep the Apollo Control Demo, is hands down one of my favorite releases this year. You might recall a few weeks ago we posted their track "out on 24's" on our top 5 list for that week. They are really starting to make some real noise on the other side of the ocean, receiving air play on radio and a live write up in NME this week. If you are like me and have been hungry for some more great music from these chaps you are in luck.They have two new demos available for download from their site so go check em out.

(mp3) Assembly Now - Tenement (new demo)

(mp3) Assembly Now - Roman Promises (new demo)


isa said...

it sounds good, could you put the link of the first song, because the link for both songs are the same , for "Promises" Thx.

Jose said...

Isa thanks for the heads up i fixed the link.