Saturday, May 13, 2006

Booze makes a victory all the more sweet

While watching The Cavs finally showing some promise in Game 3 (as Jose puts it, "for the first time the Cavs aren't laying over and playing like b*tches") it was necessary to calm our nerves with a little vino.

Here is what we chose for the evening: Duck Pond Pinot Gris

This crisp white wine, grown in Oregon's Willamette Valley (mentioned in this previous post), has an unusually high alcohol content of 14% for its varietal ;) Even so, the wine maintains its balance and compliments the excellent Port Salut cheese and white grapes we're enjoying nicely. Even better, you can purchase it for $12.99 at your local store.


In the end, The Cavs were victorious 86-77 over the Pistons:

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Anonymous said...

Wine sounds yummy. I always forget how different regions are wine are more popular in some areas of the world than others. For example, Chilean, Australian, and New Zealand wines are quite big here and you wouldn't really see those much. American wine isn't very popular. In fact, if you do find it, it's on the cheapy side. We've been drinking Jacob's Creek - reasonably priced, good variety, think australian - is that big in the old U.S.?