Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Morning Videos

Last week I was having lunch with Charlie @ Chipotle so we could discuss his band's debut record.Charlie is in a band called Bears.They are a twee pop band from c-town and they are have their first show coming up next month June 11th @ The Beachland Ballroom.I am going to be posting a review of their great record very shortly,for now check out their myspace page and the track that Matt @ YANP posted the other day.

While I was having lunch with Charlie we were aslso dicussing the great video of Drew's ( who is one of our high school classmates) band Wintergreen.Check out their video for "When I wake up" especially if you like Atari. The video was directed by Keith Schofield who also directed the beautiful video for the Death Cab For Cutie song "Jealousy Rides With Me" and in that video if you watch closely enough for a few seconds you will see the lead singer of Wintergreen Drew and his girlfriend.This video can be seen here it is a bonus track on the Death Cab for Cutie dvd "Directions" which can be bought here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, their logo is so cute!