Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Time to root for The Heat!!

On Sunday after the Cavs ( congrats to them for a great season can't wait till next year) were eliminated from the playoffs by The Pistons I became a fan of the Miami Heat. Ordinarly I really have no problem with this team except for Shaq (not a fan) but I never actually root for them. Tonight though I will be rooting for them against the Pistons and hoping for The Heat to win game 1 on their way to a series victory in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Another reason I am rooting for "the heat" is that here in c-town this May has been rather chilly (10 degrees cooler than normal) ,but this weekend that is all going to change we are suppose to get into the 80's, so bring on "the heat". Also the Indians have come out of their slump and have won 5 of their 6 (albeit against weak competition) and they too are ready to start heating up.

On to more interesting things, You may recall when we posted about Serena Maneesh a few months ago, well they have a free remix of their track "Sapphire Eyes" available for download on their site now (thanks to Chromewaves for the heads up). And If you live on mars (or you just don't care) maybe you didn't realize that the new The Walkmen record "A Hundred Miles Off" comes out today. I can't wait to go see them next week with Marazin @ The Beachland.

(mp3 ) The Walkmen - Wake Up ( live)


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Boo hoo! Sorry Cleveland is cold! At least you have a summer to look foward to (Apologies for my bitterness)! It's chilly and rainy in Dublin City and weather reports suggest it will be like this through June. Sometimes I really understand why the Irish can be such unhappy people! No need to worry, Kelse, September is always lovely here! :) beck