Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TONIGHT It is going to be a WAR!

Tonight we are going to The Grog Shop to check out the Film School show with locals To Be A High Powered Executive and Blazer opening. You may recall that we posted about this show a few weeks ago when we thought Islands would be on the bill as well. Unfortunately it was not in the stars they are playing tommorow and we can't go because we are going out for Kelly's sister Erin's birthday.

Also of note, The Cavs take on the Pistons tonight in game 5 of their series @ 7pm. I expect this to be not a battle but a war on the floor and would not be surprised if their was some bled let on the court. In their last game on Monday which I was lucky enough to be able to attend, it was a physical low scoring contest in which the cavs managed to eek out a dramatic 74-72 win. You know that tonight the Pistons will be looking to bring on their home court to put all the naysayers to bed but I know the Cavs will be brining their a-game too. Sadly I will be at work till 9pm but hopefullyl I can see most of the second half. GO CAVS!!

On lighter note if you have not seen the Sony Bravia commerical featuring Jose Gonazlez's version of heartbeats then check it out below.

Then check out the spoof by the British soft drink company Tango

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Hogsett said...

Nice man! I wonder if someone is going to get sued over that?