Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Inspiration

Sometimes it can be quite the challenge to find comfort in a damp, overcast afternoon like this one. Especially if ones spirits have been slightly fractured like mine have been as of late. Blame it on our bi-polar weather, or the fragile and uncertain economy, or a lingering cold, or whatever. . .

However, these past couple days have brought smatterings of optimism -- a close friend who was laid off just before Christmas got an exciting job offer, a cousin shared the fantastic news that his wife and him are expecting a new addition to their family, and work has steadily been getting busier (yes, this is a very good thing!).

Not to mention, a couple pieces of media found their way to our inbox, managing to make this day semi-brighter. Perhaps they will do the same for you*

As Emily Haines (of Metric and formerly of Broken Social Scene) states in the video above, her lyrics possess a simplicity that is truly genuine -- in the song, "Help I'm Alive" these elements translate to raw emotion that is incredibly powerful. The acoustic version below conveys a gentle perspective of the original and is just gorgeous. I have yet to pick up a copy of Metric's Fantasies, but am thinking it's pretty clear that I need to do so this evening. I'll conveniently be walking past Music Saves before heading over to catch The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at The Beachland's Tavern. Plus, this is another thing that will make me happy, right? ;)

The other little surprise was a gift from Tori Amos: an early Mother's Day wish (of course I'm not a mom, but it still was a lovely message) and a free download of a song off her soon to be released album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

[Mp3] Tori Amos - Maybe California

So there you have it -- here's to the end of a dreary April and the beginning of a brilliant month of May!

ps - Very special thanks to our friends at Sneak Attack Media for spreading the music love and major props to the ever so talented Bella Lago for the lovely photo above.

pss - I'm wishing Jose the best of luck while he spends the next few days of non-stop male bonding with his father. . .he'll need it! ha


Bridget Callahan said...

Metric is seriously one of my favorite bands ever, and Emily Haines in person looks exactly like Uma Thurman.

Kelly and José said...

I totally agree with you about Emily Haines looking like Uma! Was thinking the exact same thing while watching that youtube video :)

We saw Metric open up for The Stills a little while back (in '04) but quite honestly wasn't a fan of them at the time -- I remember them performing that song "Combat Baby" and Emily jumping off one of the tall speakers at The Grog which was quite impressive.

Unfortunately, once I started listening to Metric (as well as Emily Haines' solo stuff) and actually enjoying their music, we haven't seen them/her perform live*


Urban Miracles said...

thank you for sharing these bits, my love. They uplifted me too, 3000 miles away...


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