Monday, April 13, 2009

This Thursday there will two great local events featuring BEER!

Over the last few weeks it seems that Thursday has become our new Friday. Last Thursday as you know we were at The Greenhouse Tavern and then the Thursday before that we were @ Andrew Bird (check some of that performance here) at the Allen Theater and this coming Thursday we are going to go see Beer Wars and hit up Pimp The Imp event for Indigo Imp Brewery @ Bier Markt. Pimp The Imp is going to be a great time all three beers from Indigo Imp: Jester (their newest brew), Winter Solstice and Blonde Bombshell will all be on tap as well as the brewers themselves Matt and Kathy. If you have not had a chance to try Cleveland's newest brewery here is a chance because this the only bar in town with them on tap.

In case you don't know what Beer Wars is a documentary about the war in this country currently going on between craft/micro breweries and their corporate counterparts. It is only showing once in 440 theaters nationwide on April 16th @ 8pm est. Locally you see it Severance or at Valley View (we are going to see it there) .There will be a live panel discussion afterwords moderated by none other than Mr. Ben Stein.

A 3 pack for you since it is a work/school night

(mp3) David Bazan - Cold Beer & Cigarettes

(mp3) Uncle Tupelo - I Got Drunk (live)

(mp3) The Replacements - Beer for Breakfast


Roger Zender said...

I definitely plan on going to this... excited to see how they taste.

Cara said...

That sounds so interesting. Jeff doesn't seem to care for beer at all (Though he confessed to me that the only kind he's ever had was Labatt Blue - YECCH!). He actually doesn't drink either. He did a shot of Jameson on my birthday and drank a cocktail at L'Albatros that contained Absinthe (see, he's TOTALLY hardcore). Beer, not so much.

Restaurants should offer flights of beers, as they do with wines IMO.

Bridget Callahan said...

Hey, if I wanted to go see Beer Wars at Valleyview, how do I do that? Did you just buy your tickets in advance from the theater or did you buy them from some other place?

Kelly and José said...

Roger - Hope to see you there! Although, we might not get to Bier Markt until after the movie.

Cara - Haha, yeah, Jose totally got an absinthe martini at L'Albatrose b/c he thought he was hardcore ;) but then upon his first sip he realized that he hated anise, so he passed the drink to me and ordered vino instead. . .

Note: Bier Markt/Bar Cento has an excellent selection of beer flights we highly recommend you guys check out!

Bridget (and those looking to purchase tix in advance for the showing at the Valley View theatre) - Please follow the link below:

BloggingJason said...

Probably won't get to meet up, but I'll probably be at the Markt at some point to get some Jester.

Viva La Craft Beer!