Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Bad Reputation

A couple Sundays ago we had some time to kill in between movies at, you guessed it, the Cleveland International Film Festival. Lucky for us, this downtime allowed for the perfect opportunity to partake in Bar Cento's pretty much amazing Happy Hour Specials ;)

While sipping on numerous Long Island Iced Teas (yeah, we hadn't drunken these since college either, but hey, they were only $4 so why not, right?) we enjoyed hearing everything from The Smiths to Tegan & Sara to Matisyatsu to Kings of Leon to Freedy Johnston (!?!). Very random yet quite exciting for us. . .doesn't take much. It had been some time since either of us had heard Freedy Johnston's Bad Reputation and definitely brought back lots of "fond" memories of the year 1994 where each of us happened to be at the peak (to put it lightly) of our awkward stages. At least we can smile and laugh about how much we have changed while continuing to discover those certain songs that still remain close to our hearts even after all these years*

[Mp3] Freedy Johnston - Bad Reputation

[Mp3] Death Cab For Cutie - Bad Reputation (Cover)

ps - we didn't want to neglect to mention that this song happens to play during the rolling credits of one of Jose's favorite movies, Kicking and Screaming.


Cara said...

Woo!! Jeff has been training for a 25k going on this weekend so there hasn't been a whole lot of socializing. Sounds like we missed a lot!

Can't wait to download those tracks when I get home.

matt said...

Bad Reputation was a song that I LOVED. Tromped right out, and bought nearly the entire damn Freedy catalog after I heard it.

And really, only ever liked the songs Bad Reputation and On The Way Up.

Pretty sure I ended up offing my Freedy collection at some point within the past few years.

Russ said...

Ahh, Noah Baumbach. Love Kicking And Screaming, can't watch without a scotch in hand.

liz said...

love these. never heard these tunes before.

oh, and I went on a date recently and judged the fellow rather harshly for ordering a long island iced tea. the fact that you mentioned it made me smile. it's just a drink, right? ah, why not.

thanks for the great posts, as always!

Kelly and José said...

Cara - Wow, a 25k?!? The only races we have run were 5k's and those were tough enough, wish Jeff luck for us! Hope you enjoy the tracks*

Matt - It seems like Freedy had/has a lot of potential and is making music to this day, perhaps he still has time to surprise us? We'll be sure check out "On The Way Up"

Russ - Jose concurs, any particular brand of scotch?

Liz - So happy to hear you like the tunes! And, that is pretty funny about your date ordering Long Islands, it's definitely one of those drinks one risks being judged upon ordering! Haha, perhaps you'll give him another chance :)


Cara said...

Kelly / José

Loved the tracks! Yeah, all I've ever done was a 5k and that was very slowly.

Have fun at the Andrew Bird concert tonight! We'll be there too!

Kelly and José said...

Cara - 5k's are still an accomplishment, right? :) And, we're really looking forward to seeing Andrew Bird this evening -- we'll definitely say "hi" if we see you!


ps - Thanks for adding the accent to José's name, as you might have noticed, sometimes we're too lazy to type it ourselves, but it's something that he appreciates!

Cara said...

Jeff is very very tall and very skinny, I am his polar opposite. (much shorter!). We've got floor seats, where are you sitting?

No problem on the accent in José's name. I also like to type tildes.

Ñ-ñ-ñ-ñ-ñ (nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa!)

Kelly and José said...

We are sitting at the very first row below the balcony in the center. We'll be on the look out for you two :)

Haha -- I think you're going to have to teach us the shortcuts to the ñ's and é's! You'd think we would know these things. . .

Cara said...

Capital Ñ is (Alt + 165)
Lowercase ñ is (Alt + 164)

I forget the accent, I just pasted it from his name on your profile. Am I less cool now? (haw)

I'll have a bright green t-shirt on (A band called The Never - it's the same shirt I wore the first time I saw AB) or a blue EitS shirt. The green is easier to spot. That is, unless Jeff is nice enough to get me an AB shirt until I get paid tomorrow!

Kelly and José said...

Thank you for the shortcut tips! Doesn't make you less cool at all for cutting/pasting the accent, that's what we do :)

It was sooo hard to find anyone unless we were in the pretty lobby area! Boo. . .

Hope you got that AB shirt! His set was great, although neither of us cared so much for the opener*


Cara said...

Jeff compared the opening act to a folk-y version of Dragonforce, trying to just play fast and chaotically. I got a laugh out of that.

I bought the blue "girl version" shirt and actually wore it to work today (I don't think I was supposed to do that...)

Glad you liked my post about the show. I'd respond there but I've somehow shut myself out of posting anonymously and I can't log in at work (boo).

Stephanie said...

I love this song. Still so good after all these years.

Kelly and José said...

Cara - We trust Jeff's comparison, although we're admittedly not quite familiar with Dragonforce. I'm sure the tshirt is super cute!! Oh whatever, your coworkers/managers will get over it.

Stephanie - Glad you feel the same :) xo*