Monday, April 06, 2009

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Snowflakes In April Are Not Uncommon In Cleveland Edition)

As we sit her and type this post, all we can do is laugh as snowflakes fall outside our window. . .We knew last week's warmth and sunshine was simply too good to be true. However, we do feel confident that this is our final dose of winter *fingers crossed* Lucky for the Indians, and those with tickets to the game, their home opener is not until Friday.

So, yeah, although the weather in Cleveland might kinda suck, these songs surely do not. Hope you enjoy our [slightly delayed] Top Five Songs of the Week!

5. [Mp3] Golden Bear -All The Stars Upon an initial listen one might find it difficult to place this Austin-based band's sound without including the words "indie jangle pop", all adjectives that we are definitely fond of, however still not quite doing their music complete justice. We believe Magnet said it best when explaining that Golden Bear "avoids the power-pop trap, moving through forests of fuzz with wild, often makeshift instrumentation...Bear with this record and the fruit shall appear."

[Mp3] Crocodiles - I Wanna Kill This 80's tinged jam is by a duo hailing from San Diego and instantly sounded as if Connor Oberst was fronting the Jesus and Mary Chain to us. We love the noisy distortion and the punkesque vocals. They are coming to town on April 14th to The Beachland in the tavern with Beaten Awake and Minute of Arc opening.

3. [Mp3] Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Good Life Mike) Our buddy, Mike (aka The Good Life) who used to spin at B Side and is now a resident dj on Thursdays at Mercury Lounge, shared one of his latest remixes with us where he's bringing Calvin Harris to the house. Some good stuff that we think our friend Mel, and others who still feel the random urge to rave, will be getting down to.

2. [Mp3] Home Video - I Can Make You Feel It We cannot deny that we were introduced to this song just last week via a dvr-ed episode of Gossip Girl during the closing scene where a wide-eyed Chuck Bass discovers Nate Archibald's prep-tastic navy blazer in Blair Waldorf's foyer. . .Oh the scandal! But, anyway, back to the song ;) It totally sounds like it could be Radiohead from their Idioteque era, which was an instant draw for both of us.

1. [Mp3] The Whispertown 2000 - Restless Lovely, twangy crooning for fans of She & Him and Cat Power that should not be missed while passing through Cleveland at The Grog Shop on April 18th opening for Maria Taylor. An added bonus for a show that we were already looking forward to*

ps - The art above, compliments of Andrea Heimer, can be checked out throughout the showing of "Poise, Posture, and Profanity" opening on Friday, April 24th at The William Rupnik Gallery

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Edison said...

These are really awesome indie music!! Thanks a lot!