Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Things To Try: Rosé & Miso (Not exactly at the same time)

This past Saturday afternoon, I needed a somewhat obscure variety of Miso and asked that José please make a special stop at Mustard Seed on his way home from work. Although he was unable to purchase the exact kind of Miso I had in mind, he did surprise me by bringing home a lovely bottle of Vinum Cellars Rosé (not to mention, some crazy delicious Drunken Goat cheese).

I'm pretty sure an instant selling point for José was that the bottle is on sale for $5.99 (from $11.99) and is over 14% alc. -- but, he said what really was the determining factor for him purchasing this wine is that the proceeds go to a good cause (Susan G. Komen for the Cure).

All things considered, this wine makes for a wonderful late afternoon apéritif -- definitely check it out for yourself, as well as other Rosé's.


After finishing off that bottle of Rosé we decided to be productive and create "Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Kale & Miso, Sunny Side Up" by the lovely Heidi Robb.

And, wow. . .this recipe was truly divine, maintaining the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity -- the slight acidity of the zest (we improvised by using grapefruit zest b/c we didn't have a lemon) with the hot pepper flakes and savory miso combined with the wholesome flavors of the al dente whole grain pasta and kale AND the crème de la crème being a glorious egg. Just reminiscing about the entree is reminding us how we seriously need to cook this recipe again very soon, like this week!
Note: In case you were wondering where we got our kitschy vase pictured above, it's from City Buddha on Coventry. We learned the hard way not to put water in it (since the vase is made out of clay after all). . .so, yeah, those are fake flowers*


Heidi Robb said...

what's a good tune to go with the dish?

CB said...

So should we start calling your husband "Rose Jose"?

I think I will.

I'm a big fan of most rose wines, though not all. Depends what the blend is. What on earth was in that bottle that got it over 14%? That's pretty high for a rose, I think. I mean, most of those ball-buster zins weigh in at around 16-17%.

Also, how do you put the accent over the e in Rose and Jose. As a career writer, I should know this - especially since my primary co-author is also named Jose, but I don't.


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...


Girl About Eggland (Cara) said...

I sincerely hope you're going to see the documentary Eggshelland at Cedar/Lee this weekend, what with all this oo-affection!