Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Heard Calvin Harris in a Kia Soul Commerical!

Yes that is correct. You read the post title correctly: in the newest edition of those awesome Kia Soul hamster commercials, you can hear none other than Mr. Calvin Harris himself. The song used in the commercial is called "Colours" and it makes us want to get the f*ck down. We love these ads and they are a welcomed break from the monotony of the average car commercial. . .

+ how can you go wrong with hamster's driving tricked out cars?

(mp3) Calvin Harris - Colours

Anyhow, this week Kelly has been on the mend, which is why we have been nowhere to found. Tonight, in an effort to cheer her up, I made something she might like. And while it might not have turned out as well as I would have hoped, she enjoyed it and it did taste good so it was a win/win.

The recipe I attempted to execute was Giada De Laurentiis' Fregola Salad with Fresh Citrus and Red Onion recipe, substituting the fregola with orzo. This salad has toasted fennel seeds in it combined with the fresh, vibrant flavors of basil, mint, citrus and red onion -- seriously, it is going to be a great salad for summer. We paired this dish with a fume blanc, which complimented it quite nicely. Enjoy :)


Girl About Sunburns said...

I hope Kelly feels better! I myself am dying of a sunburn (was that a cause of death in Oregon Trail?) but now we have a pretty pretty garden.

- Cara

Kelly and José said...

Haha -- I hope your sunburn turned into a lovely tan :) As for me, I'm finally feeling better but now Jose is sick! ::sigh::