Friday, April 03, 2009

Forti's + Andrew Bird = Perfect Combo (who knew?)

You may or may not have noticed that this coming Friday, Metromix is hosting a party at Forti's Bourbon, Beer, and Eatery to celebrate the home opener for the 2009 season of the Cleveland Indians. Upon hearing this news, perhaps you wondered, "Forti's?? Where and what is that??"

We can answer these questions.

Forti's is a bar in the space on Prospect formerly occupied by The Boneyard that has numerous delicious beers on tap (aka not your standard domestic crap) in addition to 20 bourbons and some very tasty (and inexpensive!) bar fare.

Last night, we decided to congregate with our friends at this particular establishment prior to seeing Andrew Bird at The Allen Theatre. This decision was made primarily due to the fact that there are not any bars worth frequenting in the Theatre District (why??? what a waste!) however we were pleased that this choice was ultimately made for us. Based on this positive experience, we are confident that we'll be wetting our whistles at Forti's again very soon*

Happy Hour Specials include $2 draft beers / $4 high gravity beers (translation: high alc. %)
Bonus: $3 Onion Petals that are mighty tasty
We all were pleasantly surprised that the bar was so jammin' as a result of the 20/30 club coincidentally meeting there that evening
Can you find all our names? Needless to say, chalkboards are fun!
Our view of Andrew Bird, special thanks to Music Saves for our excellent seats
(we also avoided all the service charge BS by getting the tix at their record store)

The show was awesome. That man is seriously talented.

Just Because:
[Mp3] Andrew Bird - Measuring Cups (Morning Becomes Eclectic)


BloggingJason said...

Um, What?

How did I miss this place?

20 bourbons and high gravity brew?

I'm there.

Cara said...

That place sounds amazing. We'll have to check it out!

PS: Check out the shirt I'm wearing in my new profile pic!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i think i'm going to check this place out in friday - let me know if you guys are going to be out and about for opening day.

Kelly and José said...

Jason - We honestly had just gotten wind of this place recently too! It has the best of all worlds. . .

Cara - Loove the t-shirt! :)

Alexa - Quite possibly will be there Friday b/c I have the day off, will let you know! It all depends on this beautiful weather we've been having lately, ha*


Brian said...

I love all the vintage amps that Andrew Bird uses. So awesome.