Sunday, May 03, 2009

Our Saturday Night @ Low Life

Saturday night we hit up the most recent gallery opening @ Low life in Collinwood and it was a blast. It was the way we wish more gallery openings were filled with great energy, live music, booze and good people. This newest show @ Low life is called Mayhem featuring great art local artists and their creations inspired by The Day of Dead.

One of the bands that played sorry we do not know their name

This is the bathroom

Some very cool skeletons

This one is the corner staring everyone down

The public appreciating the art being created by megachurch (who rocked) and already created on the walls by some great local artists

Align Center
We slacked on Record Store Day and never made it to Blue Arrow records but we finally made it on Saturday. The floor in the place is sooo f*cking cool and the store it self is great too. Looking fwd to going back soon.


CB said...

The band you didn't know the name of was Mohammed Cartoon.

Cool to see you guys - can't wait till we rendevous again at Melt!

CC said...

you two do the coolest stuff! that floor is amazing! hope to see you soon!

BloggingJason said...

Any idea how long the show is? I loves me some skeletons.

Kelly and José said...

Justin - It was great seeing you too :)

CC - Thank you! Hope to see you soon too!

Jason - The show runs through
May 23rd, definitely check it out*

Cara said...

I wonder if the artist that created the skulls is the same that has a gallery in Little Italy!