Thursday, May 21, 2009

Look Whos Coming To C-Town!

Thunderheist are the dynamic Canadian duo of Graham Zilla (producer/beat maker) and sis Salem (rapper/vocalist) who are bringing their fierce, hot sex electro-rap to the masses this June. On June 25th there will be plenty of bodies pulsin, sweat drippin, asses shakin and hard beats pumpin at The Grog Shop. You might have already heard their hit "Jerk It" in the film The Wrestler. If you have not checked out the video you need to it is a very original concept, well shot and you need to see what happens to this chicken...

thunderheist - jerk it from thatgo on Vimeo.

(mp3) Thunderheist - Jerk It

Handsome Furs
are another great duo from Canada coming our way as well. They are the husband and wife duo of Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade and his lady Alexei Perry. A few months ago we were sad when we saw they were touring and were not coming our way. Luckily for us they are bringing their stylish, witty, and hypnotic indie rock our way on July 17th to The Grog Shop.

(mp3) Handsome Furs - I'm Confused

The Wooden Birds
are the new side project of the ultra talented Andrew Kenny formerly of the amazing band American Analog Set. The Wooden Birds debut album "Magnolia" just came out on Barsuk records last week. We are very lucky to have a chance to witness this great music in person on June 21st when they will be gracing the stage of the tavern in The Beachland Ballroom. The Wooden Birds sound can be be described as a more stripped down, minimalist, non electronic pop version of American Analog Set albeit still those lovely melodies that get stuck in your head.

(mp3) The Wooden Birds - False Alarm

The Veils
are coming back to Cleveland on July 24th. The Veils are from New Zealand via London and their lead singer (Finn Anrews) is the son of Barry Andrews who was the keyboard player in XTC. This is a band not to be missed much like watching a caged tiger being let lose and then bearing it's soul. Sadly we have not seen them in Cleveland, but we did see them before @ Osheaga festival in Montreal in the fall of 2007 and they were awesome leaving a lasting impression with us. The Veils will be joined on that evening by Foreign Born who hail from L.A. and make catchy lush indie/shoegazey harmonies. Sample some of their goods below. This show is going to be in the Tavern at The Beachland Ballroom, it will be a great, loud, intimate, sweat filled performance in that hot box.

(mp3) The Veils - The Letter

(mp3) Foreign Born - Vactioning People


Anonymous said...

Handsome Furs are great. Caught them at The Empty Bottle a few momths ago. They will be back in Chicago at Do Division next week. A must see. - Doug

Heidi Robb said...

Could not tear myself away from the Jerk It video *wow*

Have a funfunfun holiday weekend =)!

Mel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thunderheist! Thanks for the heads-up on the concert, I had not heard about it yet.

See you there? :)

Kelly and José said...

Doug - We trust you and your judgement. . .however, if they suck, we know where you live!!!

Heidi - Isn't that video just mesmerizing?!? Hope you had a lovely Holiday Weekend! We're sure you whipped up some amazing recipes*

Mel - We're thinking about it, although, the Thunderheist show happens to fall on Kelly's Birthday so we're playing it by ear.

Doug Neff said...

Saw Handsome Furs again at Do Division. Even better the second time around. I guarantee the show, and I have no idea where you live. - Doug Neff