Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

As with most things that make us apprehensive, we've both learned it's best to (try and) remain calm. With this being said, today has been a welcomed reprieve from all the pressures that are ever-present in the world at the moment (this may seem to be a tad melodramatic). However, we are fully aware that many of these pressures are out of our control, one of which we're trying not to think about. . .being what we're feeling as Cavs fans going into battle against the Magic down in Orlando, in the most pivotal game in the series to date.

Everyone has their own unique and personal ways to relax. For us, we're able to acheive this state of calm by selecting some fun recipes to concoct and execute, drinking some vino, while listening to some good music. Even better, is being able to do so outside on our patio*

Sooo. . .

This is what we're cooking:

Cannellini Beans with Herbs and Prosciutto
(Giada Recipe)
Chopped Nicoise Salad (Ellie Recipe)

This is what we're drinking:

Garnacha Rosé - Wine of Spain - Za Za Dry style, slightly tanic, almost creamy, lovely ($9.99 from Heinen's)
Sauvigion Blanc (w/ 3% Gewurztraminer) -Lake Country, California - Dynamic Light, crispt, floral notes with a slight fizziness and sweetness from the Gewurzt, fantastic ($9.99 from Trader Joe's)

This is what we're listening to:

[Mp3] Seu Jorge - Changes (David Bowie cover, of course!)
[Mp3] Seu Jorge - Space Oddity (as well)
[Mp3] Modest Mouse - Polar Opposites
[Mp3] Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything
[Mp3] Cotton Jones - Gone the Bells
[Mp3] Cotton Jones - Blood Red Sentimental Blues

ps - This is what we're reading:

Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman for the VTR Bookclub

For now, we hope everyone enjoys their evening and that the Cavs WIN!!!


CC said...

thanks for the yummy recipes! (that's my fave part of the blog:)

judging from the wines you seem to enjoy i think you might like my fave "cheap" white wine Ironstone Symphony Obsession. Have you ever ever tried it?

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i love love love love love me some zaza!

let's drink some together soon


Kelly and José said...

CC - We're happy you enjoy the recipes! They're delicious and healthy. And, are you saying that we like cheapo vino ;) hehe. Have not tried that wine yet, but definitely sounds our speed.

Alexa - Would loove to drink some ZaZa together (and more) soon!