Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Made in the 216 Pictorial

We cannot say enough about this past weekend's Made in the 216 event. . .

In a word: WOW.

Room Service owner, Danielle DeBoe really outdid herself -- in the most inspirational way possible, one that makes you truly believe that this is only the beginning of wonderful things to come. A paving of possibility and positivity not only for the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood, but for Cleveland's so very talented artists.

Below is just a glimpse of our experience*

C.L.E. Clothing - "Spreading Cleveland Pride, One T-shirt At A Time"
I wanted everything. . .
Including the beautiful watering can below -- if I own it, perhaps I will actually water flowers and not forget about them, letting them die per usual :(
Great crowd. Great vibes.
Pabst was the perfect sponsor
Looove Messy !!
Also love the way that the merchandise was set up in an aesthetically pleasing boutique-style rather than booth-style
Also, be sure to check out Duo Home, located right next to Room Service -- already want to go back to purchase an item or two (or three. . .)
ps - If you missed this event, no worries! Catch the very next Made in the 216, already scheduled for Friday, November 7th (4-9pm) and Saturday, November 8th (11am-6pm)


Stephanie said...

Danielle really did a terrific job ... I wish they would let her have that big space ALL the time.

So many covetable things, too. I should have bought more pf the pate des fruits - the coconut was killer!

C.L.E. Clothing said...

Thanks for posting CLE Clothing on this post. The event was awesome you even caught me getting a PBR!!!