Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Retro Wednesday Song (on a Thursdsay): Jam

This evening we are both very saddened by the passing of Michael Jackson. You can say whatever you want about him personally but you can't deny his talent, nor can you deny his impact on pop music artists today. I remember my dad putting Thriller on the record player and then instantly breaking into dance and air guitar, especially during Beat It.

We first heard something about MJ's massive heart attack while on the way home from work, then came home to skeptically read TMZ's report that he was pronounced dead -- but no other publication had confirmed this at that point. On the way to dinner this evening @ The Greenhouse Tavern in the car a radio broadcaster unfortunately confirmed that he had in fact died.

Coincidentally, prior to leaving for dinner we noticed on Facebook that Chef Sawyer said he would be playing the King Of Pop's tunes in MJ's honor tonight at the GHT. We enjoyed every single morsel of our delicious dinner while we also enjoyed listening and reminiscing to many classic jamz from Captain Neo. During dinner, Kelly and I specifically started talking about Jam and how we had not heard that song in quite some time. Laughing about how stereotypically 90's the music video is -- which includes cameos from Kris Kross, Heavy D, Michael Jordan, among others. We were also fondly recalling during our youth that when MJ had a new music video premiere it was a worldwide event.

On a day where Michael Jackson left us and Shaq came to be with us, it seems fitting to pay tribute with this basketball themed tune:

Michael Jackson - Jam

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Mel said...

Ohhh! We missed you by minutes! We walked down to Greenhouse when we read Sawyer's tweet too.

And we stayed more than a few rounds to enjoy all the MJ (another patio couple, notsomuch LOL). *sigh* So sad...