Monday, June 15, 2009

Ooh La La. . .Anthropologie

Most ladies will agree that it's quite the challenge to enter and exit the warm, inviting confines of Anthropologie without doing some major damage. . .

But, I must say (quite proudly, in fact) that this evening I simply perused the outdoor tent sale, staying strong and focused. Although I admittedly tried on multiple items and was inevitably tempted by the aromas of several beauteous candles, I walked out of the store purchasing only one oh so lovely item. Half-priced no less. Whew!

Um, anyhow.

So, this brings me to a safe and harmless alternative to dangerously shopping the isles of Anthropologie or addictively clicking away within their website: there is no harm in innocently browsing the delicate pages of one of the catalogs, right??

Right :)

Especially if the catalog is able to combine musicians and fashion so effortlessly as Anthropologie did in their June issue.

Not only was I pleased upon discovering Anya Marina's pretty face donning a couple pages, but then flipping through to see the ethereal ladies of Au Revoir Simone (btw, there's no denying how super excited I am to see them Friday, June 26th at The Grog Shop). Oh yes, and Annuals had a nice little spread as well. Never having heard of the other musicians featured, I was intrigued enough to check them out. So here you go!

{Mp3} Lenka - Don't Let Me Fall Definitely won me over with her playful and graceful Regina Spektor-esque style. And, how freaking adorable does that zigzag dress look on her??

Honey Honey
{Mp3} Honey Honey - Little Toy Gun Their sound possesses an intensely energetic melody that saunters into your subconscious, bound to leave a lasting impression. I imagine it's only a matter of time before this song is used in a movie trailer or commercial.

Okay, so Anthropologie -- I must say that I happily approve of your music selections and look forward to future catalog features such as this*


Erin said...

nice post pookie!

Kelly and José said...

Why thank you! You are the one who actually inspired me to write about this :)


Julie said...

I love anthropologie's that is a seriously dangerous store. I am also glad that they are not closer to where I live cause seriouly I would go broke if I had one so readily avaliable.

Allison M. said...

Love Lenka. the show, trouble is a friend.

Heidi Robb said...

I guess I should not of carelessly tossed the new catalog - well- not exactly carelessly, I wanted to peek, really I did, but knew I would be in big whopper $$ trouble if I did, so I guess I REGRETFULLY tossed the catalog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Jose! I stumbled upon your blog today and subscribed in RSS. You have quite the resource of Cleveland blogs here but I noticed that mine wasn't one of them, so I wanted to invite you by, and encourage you to check out my giveaways (you can find them under the Enter to Win button in the sidebar) every Friday...

Kelly and José said...

Julie - Thankfully Jose works down the street from Anthropologie (better him than me!) so he can easily return any of my impulse purchases ;)

Allison - I think Lenka's "The Show" is a little too sugar-y for my taste. As for "Trouble is a Friend", I enjoy the RAC Maury remix.

Heidi - Haha, my sister did the same thing (for the same reason) but inevitably ended up flipping through the catalog at my place.

Tricia - Thank you for the heads up! We added you to our blog roll and will be sure to check out your giveaways, very cool*