Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top Five Sngs of the Week (Summer Solstice Celebration Edition!)

The weather that has descended upon us this weekend has been the kind that causes hair to frizz, skin to gloss, clothes to stick, and moods to deflate (or is that just me?). Sweltering humidity with a chance of rain isn't exactly the forecast that makes you want to do anything other than bask in your AC half naked. . .that, or perhaps drink chilled beverages poolside.

Well, the weather might win other days but not today :)

This evening we'll be heading out to The Cleveland Museum of Art's Summer Solstice Celebration in honor of the East Wing Unveiling. I'm also lobbying for a drink at RumbaR prior to entering into the craziness. They are bringing a new wave sound of female fronted indie girl dance rock that makes us think of Blondie, Elastica and Metric.

But before doing so, just thought we'd share some tunes to help cool you off and get you in the mood to go out on the town:

5. {Mp3} Mason Proper - Get Innnoculous/Love Lockdown You may recall that back in November we posted their video for Lock and Key because it is a great song and was shot in downtown Cleveland. This time those lads from Michigan are back doing a great job blending the best elements of Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" along with LCD Soundsystems' "Get Innocouus"

4. {Mp3} Miracles of Modern Science - MR 2 This 5-piece got their start at Princeton University. Guess where they live now?... yep Brooklyn, big surprise right? They play indie rock that is full of beautiful orchestration with some nice sea chanteys too They remind us of Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, Andrew Bird and Margot and The Nuclear So & So's.

3. {Mp3} Amazing Baby - Bayonets This band is bringing their glam meets Elvis Costello straight out of Brooklyn. This is one that once it got stuck in our heads it is has become a serious ear worm and will not leave.

2. {Mp3} My First Earthquake - Cool In The Cool Way This aptly titled foursome hail from San Francisco and they too will make you shake like an earthquake. They are bringing a new wave sound of female fronted indie girl dance rock that makes us think of Blondie, Elastica and Metric.

1. {Mp3} The Fire and the Reason - Do It Again (Blogua Remix) This international duo of Bella Saona (from Brazil) and Steve Navarez (from Ecuador) are bringing the fire and making some dirty and downright dangerous baile, funk, pop, dance. Reminds us as if the energy of the Ting Tings were mixed with sass of Santigold and the vocal swagger of Anya Marina.


Cara said...

We went to see Goodmorning Valentine at Shaker Square last night. I am assuming the fireworks I heard were from the Summer Solstice event?

Sounds cool! We're biking to brunch this morning at Beachland at some point!

Kelly and José said...

The Summer Solstice event is exactly where the fireworks were coming from :) We'll be posting pics later this evening -- hope you had fun at the Beachland Brunch! We will be at the Tavern later on this evening to see Wooden Birds*