Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Two Reasons to Smile :)

On this Wednesday morning you might need some reasons to smile here are two:

First there is this video by the New York/Berlin duo called The Glass for their song "Wanna Be Dancin". This is a song that will help you to get your butt in gear this morning as you get down. The Glass sounds like Erlend Øye, Justice and LCD Soundsytem aka good indie electronica. This video features legos at a rave "dancin". We think this is such a ultra cool and yet at the same time cute concept. Of course nothing can ever beat this lego video!

(mp3) The Glass - Wanna Be Dancin

Tonight @ Sonic from 8pm - 12am you can get a free 10 oz root beer float!
We know that for a lot of you that is far drive for a free tasty treat but if you go it will be worth it. We can attest from personal experience.


Brian said...

Free tunes and free root beer floats? That is one way to brighten up this rainy day. Thanks!!!

CC said...


Julie said...

where is there a Sonic around here?