Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ultimate (& Worthwhile) Indulgences

Throughout the past week, we both found ourselves suffering the dire consequences of eating perhaps a little too healthy for a little too long. We had hit the brick wall. We needed a reward. It was pretty obvious that our bodies were telling us to treat ourselves. Who were we to ignore the hunger pangs and cravings? Soo, treat ourselves we did ;)

If you find yourself in a somewhat similar position (plus or minus the eating healthy part, of course!), we most definitely have the cure for you. The following establishments come with the very highest of recommendations:

Valerio's La Gelateria
[The usual Stracciatella + Peanut Butter Chip for me and Coffee + Dolce de Leche for Jose]
A Cookie and a Cupcake
[The Signature Cupcake was too cute to resist and Jose is a sucker for mint chocolate combos, so the Grasshopper Cupcake was perfect. View all cupcake varieties here]
Lilly's Handmade Chocolates
[We giddily sampled the Forty Winks, Rocco, and Maui Wowie -- INCREDIBLE!]
Bonus: Lilly's has a fantastic and unique selection of wine and beer -- you can even create your own 4 or 6 packs. Hmm, decisions, decisions. . .
ps - I just realized that for some reason we haven't been posting much music. This needs to change.

[Mp3] Stellastarr* - My Coco
[Mp3] Tilly & the Wall - Poor Man's Ice Cream
[Mp3] The Owls - Peppermint Patty
[Mp3] Paul McCartney - Vanilla Sky

"Your life is fine. It's sweet and sour. Unbearable. Great. You gotta love every hour. You must appreciate." - PM

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