Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kelly and Jose vs The Grill

Today we both coordinated our days offs off to be the same. We took this as the perfect opportunity to cook and dine alfresco. Recently we had been given a grill as a wedding present from Kelly's parents and we used it before but only under the guidance of the master griller Todd (our brother in law). This was our first voyage without him him at that helm on the high seas of grilling.

We also recently has been given as gift Jamie Oliver: Jamie's Italy from our friend Sarah. We had been chomping at the bit to cook some from it because it all looked and sounded soooo delicious and this is what we made.

In Italiano : Fungi tagliati a fettine sottili con mozzarella a fusa e timo

In Inglese: sliced mushrooms with melted mozzarella and thyme

(note this was made on the grill and you can see the picture from the recipe vs our effort)

In Italiano: insalata amalfitana con salmoni cotti

In Inglesse : amalfi salad (which consists of oranges, cucumbers, beets, red onions, fennel) with grilled salmon (had a delicious rub on it that was orange and lemon zest with rosemary, salt and pepper)

The wine was chilled bottled of grand dolina from local winery Debonne. It was a semi dry red and matched our food quite well.

Now it is time for a nap because we must rest up for the Jason Lytle (former lead singer of Grandaddy) show tonight @ The Grog Shop!

(mp3) Jason Lytle - Yours Truly, The Commuter

(mp3) Jason Lytle - You're Too Gone


CC said...

yum! that all looked incredible!!!

Cara said...

It all looks amazing! We need to get more creative on our grill.