Sunday, July 19, 2009

And Before we head off to Taste of Tremont...a mix

This morning we have a woken earlier than we normally do on a Sunday in hopes of getting a work out before heading to Church and then the 7th annual Taste of Tremont. This is going to be our 3rd time heading to the Taste of Tremont (our pics from last year). This year the Taste of Tremont will be marked by the re-naming of intersection of Literary and Professor streets as "Michael Symon Corner". You can say what you want about him but you can't deny this man who loves Cleveland has worked very hard and thus he deserves this recognition as result of his great achievements. It is wishful thinking but we both wish that people in Cleveland would stop drinking so much damn haterade, we understand where it comes from but we think everyone should really focus on the positives this place has to offer.

And now for the tunes: "The End Result of Staying in on a Saturday Night Mix"

[click here for full album]

1 - Camera Talk - Local Natives
2 - Orange Shirt - Discovery
3 - Faces In The Dark - Generationals
4 - Wet Gold - The Octopus Project
5 - Green River - Real Estate
6 - Loss of God - Wolves in the Attic
7 - Heartstrings - Yourself And The Air
8 - Life Magazine - Cold Cave
9 - Happy Banjo - Dark Mean
10 - Castle - Uuvvwwz
11 - I'm A Pilot - Fanfarlo
12 - Foreign Thoughts - There Will Be Fireworks
13 - Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club
14 - Always Like This - Bombay Bicycle Club
15 - Sleepwalking - The Jaguar Club

Note: Song First, Band Second :)


Cara said...


Aw, I hope you guys had fun! I had mentioned this to Jeff a while back and then I forgot about it. (hence the boo). There's always next year!

Julie said...

Bet it was fab, hope you two had a great time.

BloggingJason said...

The weather was absolutely perfect this year, and the food was pretty close to matching it. Shame we didn't meet up. You two headed to the Rock'n'Roll BBQ on Sunday?

Kelly and José said...

Cara - We totally should have done the post more in advance to help promote! I'll be sure to remind you next year :)

Julie - We had so much fun!

Jason - Agreed, the weather really was incredible, what was your favorite thing you sampled? I think ours was a tie between the veal tortellini from Lago and the choco-honey ice cream (w/ crushed oreos!) from Dante. It is definitely a shame we didn't meet up -- as for the Rock'n'Roll BBQ, we wish we could make it -- Jose has a family reunion we have to go to. . .


Rebecca said...

Hey Guys! Tried to download the file, but this popped up . .

A file link is only available for a certain number of days or a limited number of downloads, whichever occurs first. Once an uploaded file expires, it can no longer be downloaded. If you still need the file, please contact the original sender directly.