Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Girls Guide To Rocking is coming to C-town

For those of you who don't know who Jessica Hopper is you suck. Seriously, she is a very talented free lance writer/publicist/musician who has written for the Chicago Reader, LA Weekly and Punk Planet (R.I.P.) :( amongst many others. I was big fan of Punk Planet. She is a true music scribe. She is coming to town on Thursday, August 2oth to do a reading at the awesome Visible Voice, in support of her new book "The Girls Guide To Rocking". Which is a great guide for young ladies on how to start a band, how to play music and other valuable information. The best part is that not only will she be doing a reading but later that night she will be doing a DJ set @ The Happy Dog.
DJ Coco le Roc (that is her alias) will not be flying solo though because she will be joined by Katie Stelmanis and The Ghost Bees. You might recognize the classically trained Ms. Stelmanis's voice from the last Fucked Up album " The Chemistry of Common Life" where she sang back up vocals. She has a single now out on vice records and she is out touring with an all girl band. The Ghost Bees are a twin sister duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia who make some haunting and spooky female driven indie folk.

All and all it is going to be a great evening of women kicking ass!

(mp3) Katie Stemanis - In My Favour

(mp3) The Ghost Bees - Vampires Of The West Coast

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