Friday, July 31, 2009

Recap: Amanda Blank and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's

There was an undeniable flurry of excitement that filled the air within The House of Blues' walls this past Tuesday evening. An energy that seemed to be growing and building early on from an eager sold out crowd, not just for the beloved headliner but also for their supporting act -- which isn't a common (or easy) feat.
The opener, Miss Amanda Blank, strutted out on stage with an uncanny confidence wearing a black trench coat, and was welcomed by a roaring wave of approval. Before belting out her first note, Blank dramatically dropped the trench and started to GET DOWN. Such natural and commanding stage presence brought to mind performances we've had the pleasure of viewing from Santigold and M.I.A. -- this only makes sense due to Blank's prior collaborations with both artists. And, what better mentors could she ask for?? Her vocals and beats brought to mind these aforementioned ladies, as well as delicate hints of Lykke Li and The Ting Tings. The set went by almost too quickly, in a way that left you wanting more. . .perhaps that was by design, given that her debut album, I Love You, comes out this Tuesday.

The very moment the Yeah Yeah Yeahs slipped on stage, everyone just went BANANAS. It was unbelievable being surrounded by this extreme level of enthusiasm -- a level fairly unprecedented, and we've been a part of audiences with some crazy devout fans (Radiohead being the craziest, hands down)! Karen O lived up to any and all expectations we had -- loved how she jumped up and down and did wardrobe changes. Ooh, yes! How fun was the big ball behind her changing from an eye ball to a variety of moons throughout the set?

Overall, a super solid show. Highlighted by surprise rendezvous with random friends, those $2 nachos that hit the spot, fantastic people watching, and of course fun, danceable music*

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tyler said...

My friends and I drove all the way from Morgantown, WV to see Amanda and the YYY and I completely lost my shit the whole time. It was so awesome to see two artists that I love tear the house up-I couldn't even talk after they performed Art Star.