Monday, August 03, 2009

Truly Hopper-vescent

Yesterday afternoon, we had the unique pleasure of drinking some quality local beers actually brewed by our brother-in-law Todd. His latest beer on tap is a 90 minute IPA and he garneshed the beer in a pretty creative way -- by hand picking a hop from his "hop garden" and dropping one in each beer glass to float. It is a wonder that we've never had a hop garnish before. Seriously! To be downing some quality beer while smelling a fresh hop is just simply.....hopper-vescent.

Speaking of hops and suds, we are both ecstatic for Saturday when we will be heading to the Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens for 5th annual Blues and Brews. We went last year and it was such a great time that we have been looking fwd to going back to it ever since. We will undoubtably hope to run into and share a few brews with some of you there.

Also of note at this event: Indigo Imp will be sampling (in limited quantity) their latest brew titled Gatekeeper, which is a robust porter.


BloggingJason said...

Fresh hops are great. Have you ever had a beer that's been pushed through the giant fresh hop filter at the Beer Engine? Totally awesome stuff.

Looking forward to seeing you two on Saturday.

Kelly and José said...

We actually tried to order that at the Beer Engine and they were unfortunately out -- will most definitely have to get it next time we're there though.

Looking fwd to seeing you at the B&B's on Saturday too! :)