Sunday, August 23, 2009

Terminally Chill

We love Neon Indian and think their jamz are great for warm weather (which we have finally had as of late) totally making this summer for us. Below is the video for their great track "Terminally Chill" that is the kind you can just zone out to and relax. . .

On side note, we can't believe someone recently stole their gear in Sacramento from their freaking hotel. Hate to hear about that happening to bands and thankfully our criminals in Cleveland don't do that to touring bands. Otherwise we would probably have even less bands swigging through our neck of the woods than we already do.

If you are not familiar with Neon Indian, they are the latest MGMT-esque band to blossom from Brooklyn - this one is a duo, the other half of the band being from Austin. To be fair and not pigeonhole them, they make some awesome lo-fi dreamy pop much like Air France or The Forest Swords. This song feels like it could have been used in a scene in Lost In Translation.

(mp3) Neon Indian - Terminally Chill

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