Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tasty Beer Here.

While at the store this evening, we decided to pick up a couple new beers and give them a whirl.

Both of these fine looking bottles are brought to us by Goose Island. This brewery has a special place in our hearts, always reminding us of all the fun we had a few summers back at Intonation Festival in Chicago. At this particular festival, besides your standard H20 and soda, they were selling Goose Island 312 and Sparks (in regular and diet!). Please note that this was the first and last time we ever had Sparks. . .however, we have been fans of Goose Island ever since*

Goose Island - Matilda: Belgian Style Pale Ale ($7.99)

Hints of banana, clove, honey and hints of cinnamon.

Mellow and balanced, zero acidity. The perfect, accidental compliment to our szechuan stir fry and "zen party" trail mix.

Goose Island - Pere Jacques: Belgian Style Abbey Ale ($7.99)

Malt, plum , raisin, apple cider, perfect for autumn approaching.

More acidic than Matilda yet still balanced. Smooth like molasses and just as tasty.


[Mp3] The Shins - When I Goose Step (KXCIT Tucson)
[Mp3] Stellastarr* - Island Lost at Sea
[Mp3] Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic)

Note: Kelly is super excited to see Sufjan at The Beachland in a few weeks while Jose is still kind of warming up to the idea of seeing him once again. . .


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

we will need to meet up for drinks before the sufjan concert, ok?

for my (gasp!) first beachland experience.

you guys will have to show me the ropes.

Cara said...

Whaaaat? Alexa, you've never been to Beachland? Well, it's great. I know there will be tons of people there but I hope we run in to the three of you!

Stephanie said...

These beers look DELICIOUS.

Kelly and José said...

Alexa - YES! We most definitely have to meet up for drinks before the show -- very excited for your 1st BB experience, you'll love it.

Cara - Let's run into each other, like on purpose :)

Stephanie - Oh, they are beyond delicious! Be sure to let us know your thoughts if/when you try them*