Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Perfect, Unfolding Melodies

On the most beautiful blue-skied and bright afternoon, it always pays off to have some favorable tunes to accommodate the mood. In Cleveland, we were all blessed with that kind of day - a slight chill in the air, the occasional white cloud, crystal clear horizons, the sun beaming proudly.

Below is my mini-playlist I basically had on repeat while basking in this day's beauty:

1. [Mp3] DJ Tiesto (ft. Tegan & Sara) - Feel It My Bones Hypnotic and emotionally charged, beyond infectious!
2. [Mp3] Anjulie - Boom Smooth, sleek vocals and tones composed with a mysterious energy
3. [Mp3] The xx - Shelter This band is soo hot right now, and for good reason. Drawn to the peaceful calm of this particular track, truly comforting.
4. [Mp3] Julie Peel - Unfold Melancholy and serene, this female musician is someone most definitely to keep your eyes on.

Bonus (for this evening):

5. [Mp3] Rural Alberta Advantage - The Air Guitar strumming, delicate piano chords paired with soft, nasal (in the most fitting way possible) vocals. Love it.

ps - Pretty photo above, compliments of Pairaschut

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