Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Recap: Sundays are for Dim Sum!

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to finally experience our very first DIM SUM. We had the pleasure of doing so with a couple of friends at Asia Town's Bo Loong. It's about time, right?! Dim sum is actually something that we've talked about doing for years but for whatever reason this simple brunch plan just never materialized, probably due to a slight case of intimidation.
The meal started of boldly, especially for Kelly, with none other than chicken feet aka foon chow. Sensing Kelly's hesitation, our friend (and dim sum guide) Chieh-Chen advised her to view the chicken feet as if it were watermellon, spitting out the bones as you would seeds. This metaphor most definitely helped us dive in and enjoy the beginnings of our brunch.

From there, we transitioned smoothly to a variety of dishes, each more tasty than the last. We dared to try the hot sauce, with that we promise a little goes a "loong" way, no pun intended ;)
Above: Sue My (shrimp, pork, mushroom wrapped in a wonton skin wrapper), Har Chung (thick rice noodle stuffed with shrimp), and Fun Goa (steamed dumpling stuffed with chopped vegetable, shrimp, and pork)
Wait, there's more: Gin Bough (steamed bun stuffed with BBQ pork), Nor My Guy (sticky rice stuffed with pork, sausage, duck, and egg wrapped in a lotus leaf), and misc. remnants.

Not pictured: Radish Cake (we should have written down the real name, soo good, probably our favorite. But of course it's not on the menu and you have request special, in Chinese. . .)
Cannot neglect to mention: Some vegetables thrown in just to try and be healthy as well some comforting jasmine tea.

Also: Kelly consumed more meat at this meal than she most likely eats in an entire year.
We finished off our meal with yet another first: delicious bubble tea at KoKo Bakery in a refreshing strawberry flavor. As you can see evidenced above, we smashed it -- gummy tapioca balls and all. Since KoKo is also a bakery, next time we go we will have to get some Sweet Bean Buns -- Kelly (and her friend, Sarah) have expressed their love for these "bundles of joy" during their time in Seattle while Jose has yet to understand the magic of the bun.

For now, be sure to check out a variety of fun cuisine options in Cleveland's Asia Town with this very informative listing.


Tino said...

Isn't dim sum just wonderful stuff? Bo Loong doesn't an excellent version, too.

I'm so glad you guys discovered this part of Cleveland as there are some absolutely fantastic places to eat. When you guys feel up to more authentic Chinese cuisine, let me know and we can hit up Wonton Gourmet (very close to Bo Loong) on the corner of E. 32 and Payne. They do a mix of dim sum and non-dim sum dishes that are just spectacular. And VERY inexpensive.

Brian said...

I love me some Dim Sum. Just reading your post makes me want to go back to Cleveland again and stuff my face full of food.

Great post you two.

Kelly and José said...

Tino - Agreed! We're definitely down for checking out Wonton Gourmet - let's set up a date.

Brian - Thank you :) This is the kind of cuisine that can potentially create quite an addiction. . .

Ryan said...

Thanks for the link to the Asia Town page. All these places are within walking distance of our office - Superior Pho and Wonton Gourmet are both awesome.


Allison M. said...

I'm loving everything with the exception of the chicken feet.

Bridget Callahan said...

I LOVE Koko bakery. And I'm super jealous about the Dim Sum. I've been wanting to try it forever. I guess the problem is the intimidation factor of going into a restaurant I don't know, in a part of town I don't know well, and ordering things I don't know how to pronounce in their proper language.

That being said, lets do that sometime!

Erin O'Brien said...

Love Dim Sum! I haven't had it for so long--here's a good excuse to change that. I have never tried this particular place.