Sunday, September 06, 2009

We need to have a Fog Raw Night @ The Q this season

I have been waiting for this awful Indians season to die thankful we can bury this train wreck in less than a month now. As far as the other two teams the Browns well they are going to "try" and compete and then that leaves us with The Cavs, can't wait for their season to begin. With that being said I am absolutely loving the Nike "Hyperize" commercial featuring Mo Williams, Andre Iguodala, Rashard Lewis (you cheater) and Kevin Durant. Each one them is playing a different character and Mo's character is Fog Raw. I love this commercial (I've watched it a lot of times) not only because Mo is featuring in it a hot jam with DJ Quik.

You also have to love the early 90's vibe to it, the clothing straight cross colours looking, NWA ish garb and the best part Mo's jheri curl and 6 fingers. I think that Fog Raw would be an excellent idea for Halloween costume this year. I don't know where one would get that bad ass ring he is sporting though? I myself I am thinking about going this year as Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl I just gotta get a bow tie and I will be set.

and Kelly will be going as Blair Waldorf