Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Times on the Good Time

This past week Wednesday evening, along with several hundred other Greater Cleveland young and established professionals, we took a trip on the Goodtime III.

First off, I don't think either of us had been on the Goodtime III since high school maybe even longer. Second, whatever happened to the Goodtime II, did it sink? We think it did. Third, and most importantly, the reason for this trip was to listen to Mayor Frank Jackson outline and give insight throughout a tour of what the future holds for Cleveland's waterfront development.

There were 11 proposals that the Mayor discussed in total - and, while we did enjoy hearing about them, we mostly found ourselves simply getting caught up in the beautiful evening and scenery that surrounded us.

This event was the first in a series titled Envision a Sustainable Cleveland. This vision is a nice one, is it not :)

Whiskey Island Coast Guard Station: hopefully they will be able to fully bring this great building back to life. The view of the city from this location must be spectacular
Now that they have changed the name back to its original, let's bring back Nautica alllll the way back and remove that roof so that it no longer obstructs the phenomenal views of the city
We are very excited for The Bridge Project in two weeks - it is going to be a great event
Jose along with Eradin and Frank taking in the sights. All are part of the Young Latino Network's Executive Board
Experiencing this beautiful sunset makes us recall the crazy gorgeous ones we saw last year at Wendy park during The Ohio City Blues Festival. This year's OC Blues Festival is coming up next Saturday, September 19th.

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