Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday was too nice to stay inside so we went for a ride :)

Kelly and I are ready to ride
Note: I am
rocking my wrath arcane t-shirt (Oh, and that it's absolutely impossible to look cool while wearing helmets)

As I'm sure you remember, this past past Saturday was beyond gorgeous. The temperature was in the mid 70's, it was sunny and there was not a cloud in the sky -- hopefully this is a sign of things to come with fall quickly approaching (first day will be tomorrow actually). With the weather being as nice as it was, we trekked down to Peninsula to go for a bike ride on the tow path trail. We had never done this before and thankfully Erin and Todd were there to guide us, being avid riders and the ones who encouraged us to take the plunge in the first place. Kelly and I were both rather hesitant because neither of us had ridden a bike in the last few years (for me it had been over 6 years) but with the promise that the bike ride would be followed by a trip to The Winking Lizard, we were sold.

The end result of this experience is that we had a blast -- it was such a great day to be out riding a bike and enjoying this weather. The tow path trail is beautiful and truly is a gem. We understand now why sooo many people hold these trails with such high regard -- what a treasure. As far as our ride of this day, it was only 10 or 11 miles round trip, but we are already looking forward to the next time so we can challenge ourselves more. Another nice thing is if you don't own a bike (like us), you can rent one from Century Cycles for only $8 an hour.

Afterwards, as much anticipated, we headed over to Peninsula's Winking Lizard which is conveniently located across the street from the bike rental shop. There we enjoyed a delicious glass (unfortunately The Lizard was already sold out of the complimentary glasses) of the Beer of the Month: Thirsty Dog Brewing Co's "Barktoberfest." Mmmm just talking about it right now is making us thirsty for another one.

Here Todd is helping Kelly to put on her helmet. We both had to wear them, for own good we suppose.

Look at how blue that sky was, it was a wonderful escape

Away I go!

Kelly and I by the falls, basking in the sun and in our tiny victory over our lack of coordination. Neither of us fell off of our bikes.

With the lovely canopy and scenery of nature, it felt like we could have ridden all day

Kelly and Erin saying "prost!" with their nice cold glasses of Barktoberfest after the completion of our ride.