Monday, July 21, 2008

Taste of Tremont Pictorial

Taste of Tremont 2008
Todd happily test riding a sit down bike ;)
While deciding which vendors to hit up first, we escaped the humidity for a moment to enjoy a cold beer at The Tree House

Now onto the FOOD. . .

Jose = excited for Gyros!

Kelly = chow down on SouthSide's Lobster Gazpacho
Erin & Todd = Synchronized Screwer devouring (also from SouthSide)
Our *absolute* favorite was the "Nachos" from Fahrenheit!!
[Step #1]
[Step #2]
[Step #3]
The Puerto Rican Parade was also yesterday (however, we didn't end up going)
We looove La Fin du Monde (and Flying Monkey, our last stop in Tremont)

Honorable Mention: The Chicken Pad Thai from Ty Fun Thai Bistro was so good that we had to put the camera down to inhale it.


Alexa said...

i spent the day at the taste of tremont as well! the band at the treehouse was SO fun!

Kelly and José said...

We were out on Tree House's patio too! The band playing was The Boys From The County Hell :) Quality Pogues impression*

Valerie said...

Completely missed it this year...darn!