Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tonight: Jersey Boys!!

Tonight Kelly and I are going to go see the Tony award winning musical Jersey Boys @ The State Theatre in Playhouse Square. We have both been looking forward (especially Kelly) to this for months since we found it was coming to town and then we got tickets as a birthday present . She had a chance to see this show on Broadway but things fell threw and she was unable to do so. My dad has seen this show on Broadway and told us how great it is how also loves to play the soundtrack over and over. There are many other people who have seen this show in Cleveland and on Broadway too telling us many good things, we definitely have highs hopes and expectations and I am sure they will be met and we will be blown away.

We know they will be singing " Can't take my eyes off of you" but we have both always really enjoyed when Heath Ledger put his own spin on it in "Ten Things I hate about You". R.I.P it's too bad he is gone, we can't wait to see him in The Dark Night very soon.


Anonymous said...

how was it? i want to see it bad...looks like i only have a few days left though!

Kelly & José said...

Hey Jackie :)

Jersey Boys was *excellent* -- we absolutely loved it.

If you can still catch it while the show's in Cleveland, we would highly suggest you check it out!