Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cooking with Wine on Shuffle

Pictured above is José displaying our lovely dinner and bottle of vino blanco (Oveja Negra's 2007 Chard-Viognier blend, only $9.99 at Heinen's). And, no he is not wearing a dress, it's actually an apron his mother got him from Williams-Sonoma quite a few years back.

The name of the recipe we interpreted is: Sauteed Striped Bass on Israeli Salad

Please Note: Because we're both fans of greek salads and since this is a "Mediterranean" recipe, we decided to add feta cheese. Although the recipe called for Sea Bass (which gets fairly expensive), fortunately we were able to substitute with a nice (lesser expensive) white cod. These days, with the price of food, when it comes between paying more for seafood or getting a bottle of wine, we'll always choose the bottle of wine ;)

Per usual, while cooking we had our iTunes on shuffle so we can play the "guess the band" game with each other and totally laugh in the face of whoever doesn't guess correctly (even after several gratuitous hints).

Below is a sampling of the randomness:

[Mp3] Black Kids - Look At Me (when I rock wichoo)
[Mp3] Interpol - Rest My Chemistry
[Mp3] Ben Folds - Song For The Dumped
[Mp3] Joanna Newsom - Sprout And The Bean
[Mp3] Lali Puna - 6-0-3
[Mp3] Teenage Fanclub - I Can't Find My Way Home

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