Friday, July 04, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (It totally kicks @ss when the 4th of July falls on a Friday Edition)

What a beautiful day it is to celebrate America. Hopefully in your town they are still showing fireworks because so many have unfortunately been canceled due to the awesome state of the economy. We don't have any plans to see fireworks today but we do plan to cookout with the family.

Speaking of food, last night we went to Luxe (yeah, again, but it really is that fabulous) for the third time in the last couple weeks and our meal was soooo good (in fact we are currently enjoying our leftovers as we wake up). Some selections on the menu worth trying are the steamed mussels with spicy garlic butter, seared tuna with chickpea salad & tomato aioli, potato gnochi with asparagus & tomato saffron sauce, and the grilled duck pannini with peppers, basil, spinach, provolone and lemon ailoli. A couple signature drinks worth sampling are the Dark & Stormy (thanks Hermione for the recommendation) and Joy.

For now, we hope you enjoy Independence Day and the following Top Five Songs of the Week:

5. (mp3) My Milky Way Arms - Sunshine They are not of this earth, their songs are out of a dream where you are floating on a cloud made of the lush sounds of peace, weightlessness and shoegaze guitars and synths. Unfortunately, they are not coming to c-town this tour but you can see them in da burg on 7/7 @ The Smiling Moose and in C-bus on 7/8 @ Sky Lab.

4. (mp3) Dr. Dog - The Ark This is the new single from this Philadelphia quintet who make catchy as hell 1960s' influenced indie rock. They have come to Cleveland a bunch of times and we have only seen them once (opening for The Spinto Band and Lovely Feathers a couple summers ago). Lucky for us, have even more opportunities to check them out b/c they're coming to The Beachland on August 4th.

3. (mp3) Tittsworth - Snippets from Twelves Steps DJ/Producer Tittsworth, The King of B-more, is coming out with his debut album. Here are some snippets from the album that sounds like from all the people he's got lined up (Kid Sister, Pase Rock, Santogold, DJ Assault, etc.) it is going to be off the chain.

2. (mp3) Takka Takka - Everybody Say We were just laughing a little to ourselves saying that they sound like a less wussy version of The Ballet, which is a compliment because we are fans of The Ballet, but at the same time you know they got some b*lls (well a slight bit, at least). We like this song and figure it will end up in a friggin' car commercial or something.

1. (mp3) Young Coyotes - Momentary Drowning (demo) We have been listening to this track from this young band from Denver band for a few weeks now. They bring to mind Bishop Allen with their use of hand claps, melody and integration of several interesting instruments. The passion in the vocals definitely brings to mind some of that white boy soul that Cold War Kids possess. They are definitely crafting their own sound and we can't wait to hear more.


Anonymous said...

i really like that young coyotes track. are they signed?

Kelly & José said...

Thanks, no they are not, here is their blog

Anonymous said...

thank you!