Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Night Sights

So, last night we decided to take the Cleveland Plain Dealer's advice and explore cheap date options our city has to offer ;) Throughout the evening we documented our experiences with photographs. . .

[sigh] We *hate* Jacobs Field's new sign
We started our evening early in Ohio City
Upon hearing excellent things about Flying Fig's Happy Hour, we decided to check it out:
Jose enjoyed a Mad Hatter IPA as Kelly sipped on a spectacular rum cocktail at the elegant and inviting bar
We chowed down on these amazing tempura green beans and quickly ordered an equally fabulous blue cheese burger (both only $5)
Next, we headed over to Touch for *free* sushi
Loved the endless delicious sushi
Taking in the overall laid back vibe
(ie - Cartoon Network displayed on the flat screens while hearing some choice indie rock favorites)
Local art on display
We couldn't resist ordering Touch's Duvel steamed mussels with french fries -- sooooo good and totally making us nostalgic for Montreal
A view from the bar
Quick glances around Ohio City
Ah, C.C. . .miss you already
Capturing a sorta skyline on our way over to Tremont for the Art Walk
Such a beautiful evening to be out -- why can't every night be like this in Cleveland??
Sometimes it is hard to know where to start
There was such a great bustling energy within Tremont's streets and galleries
We especially love the art gallery, Asterisk*
We were amused by this one
Not only did we have a lovely evening filled with excellent food, drinks, art, and atmosphere -- we achieved our goal of a fun date night on the cheap*

Some Random tunes:

[Mp3] Kelley Stoltz - Jewel of Evening
[Mp3] Rogue Wave - Cheaper than Therapy
[Mp3] Jens Lekman - Pocketful of Money


Anonymous said...

The Indians player on the side of the bus is actually Fausto Carmona. But we're missing him, too, because he's been on the disabled list most of the season.

Kelly & José said...

We weren't certain whether it was C.C. or not, we just guessed b/c the bus was from a distance. . .

Nonetheless, it was an opportunity to mention we miss him b/c we hadn't done so yet.

As far as Fausto, we're very much looking forward to him coming off the DL -- he is sorely missed in our pitching rotation.

Alexa said...

what a great night! i also participated in the tremont art hop. good times, good times.