Friday, March 16, 2007

Why do american guinness commericals have to suck so bad?

With St. Patrick's Day being tommorow of course guinness is in our minds, our hearts and we can almost all nearly taste it on our lips. Speaking of St Patrick's day, I heard that the parade here in c-town is the 5th longest running in the United States (also of note New York has the longest running St. Patrick's day parade with this year being year their 246th) and I think that is definately something we should hang our hat on here in these parts. This year will mark our 140th St Patrick's day parade and it starts @ 1:04pm est.

Now back to the guinness if you were ever able to to leave this country and go somewhere like say Ireland , you might see a good guiness commerical like this:

I thought I would also let you guys know that I am sick still sick and yesterday I called that VCU victory over Duke but other than that my bracket took some hits. However today I am loving the fact that Winthrop whom I picked up to beat the fighting Irish are leading them to start the second half.