Saturday, March 17, 2007

Top 5 songs of the week ( St. Patrick's Day, What it do?)

I had looked so forward to this day starting last year on March 18th, 2006 because finally St. Patrick's Day was going to be on a non work day so I could just go out and get ripped. Well as luck would have it I am still under the weather so today will be just another day of basketball and rest. I do however have are some things today for you that are worth checking out.

1. The Parade it is @ 1:04pm (better bundle up or drink enough to stay warm)

2. Bier Markt : happy hour from 9am-7pm please hit that up since I can't, you might also want to hit up Great Lakes Brewery today as well since it is practical next store and have a pint of Conway's Irish Ale.

3. Tonight @ The Q the biggest traitor to walk this earth since Alger Hiss aka Carlos Boozer is making is his long over due return to Cleveland with his new team the Utah Jazz If you are going to the game please boo the sh*t out that @$$hole.

4. The Tournament, OSU vs Xavier going to be a good game

5. Indie rock for that @ss: Ratatat are playing @ The Beachland (show starts @ 9pm and it is $12 and The Slip, who we enjoyed seeing open for My Morning Jacket are playing @ The Grog show starts @ 9pm and it is $12.

6. A good place to hear traditional Irish music today would be your radio turn it to 88.7 FM WJCU and you can hear Uncle Fred's annual all day Irish broadcast and he will be taking requests so call in.

And now for the songs.....

5. (mp3) House of Pain - Jump Around (Micky Slims Speed Shamrocks Remix)
there is a good chance you will hear this song @ the bars today but you won't hear this remix

4. (mp3) The Dropkick Murphy's - I'm Shipping Up To Boston we need some music today with bagpipes in it and this song just worked so well in The Departed

3. (mp3) The Pogues - Bottles of Smoke I won't be having any this today, but I am sure do love me some Jameson,

2. (mp3) The Pogues - Irish Rover (cover) Live in Boston 1987 this one goes out to you lucky bastards who get to see them today,

1.(mp3) The Pogues - Dirty Old Town Live in Boston 1987 this is a just a really fun drunk song to sing.

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Mark said...

no rocking, rocking leprechauns? poor modern lovers.