Saturday, March 10, 2007

Top 5 Songs of the Week!!

Last night while driving around town, one of our favorite songs of all time came up on shuffle: "Just Like Honey" by The Jesus and Mary Chain. This brought another favorite song to mind of a similar title by Ms. Fiona Apple: "Slow Like Honey". . .thus the inspiration for this post -- not to mention, our love of honey in general :)

5. [Mp3] Moby - Honey A song with great energy to get you moving in the morning

4. [Mp3] The Lucksmiths - Honey Honey Honey A pretty twee song that makes us smile

3. [Mp3] Feist - Honey Honey A standout track from her new album, The Reminder

2. [Mp3] Fiona Apple - Slow Like Honey Sultry and moving

1. [Mp3] The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey As Jose put it, "this song fucking owns"

Bonus #1: [Mp3] Minus the Bear - Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse Just because we have a ton of love for this song too (check this awesome video out)

Bonus #2: [Mp3] U2 - Wild Honey Reminds of one of our favorite dogs ever (and her mom, Becky)!


Anonymous said...

Love Wild Honey and Honey. Although, Honey looks a bit scary with those eyes! I'll have to send you a new and improved picture of her. We got her a fancy periwinkle colored collar in London. Oh, I'm such a dork!

PlanetPob said...

Hi guys!

I am so proud of my hound gracing your page...

Thank you!